Chor Boogie is an artist, a conceptual genius, a street romantic, a master of illusion and technique, Chor Boogie is an original. His works can be described as having healing effects by his unique and unmatched use of color, which brings greater meaning and understanding to his works. Every vibrant piece has a story attached to it. Chor Boogie’s colorful paintings are attracting A-list celebrities, art galleries and museums. Originally from San Diego, the artist known as Chor Boogie currently resides in San Francisco but is an internationally known artist and has traveled extensively to exhibit his work around the world.

The intentions behind his art work are to create timeless dynamic moments of Imagination, Creativity, Originality, Meaning, Style, Self Expression, Audience, Taste, and the Visual Elements of Line, Light, Composition, Form, Space, and Color. It is derived from the colors of his soul. It is a therapeutic flow of colors, shapes, and movements combined in to one. A movement of images that has adapted to space giving it the significance of belonging to its surface, coming together as one and forming images of creation. Expressing realms of colors that give a healing sense and encourages you to wake up.


The intentions behind my art work are to create timeless dynamic moments of Imagination, Creativity, Originality, Meaning, Style, Self Expression, Audience, Taste, and the Visual Elements of Line, Light, Composition, Form, Space, and Color. This is what defines my work and defines me as an individual, and allows me to still keep an unselfish perspective on “Why do I do this?” Simply because its a talent I’ve been blessed with to give to you.

The artistic differences and politics of this spray paint culture, In my work I bring an understanding of the STREETS are where I come from the STREETS are my urban canvas the STREETS are where I practiced daily. Contemplating the influence of life in the streets is there and always will be, but so is realizing the horizon is much broader and stepping out of my box into new worlds. My mission is to uplift this spray paint element to a more visionary and fine artist perspective while maintaining a balance keeping the respect of choice alive.

My artwork is derived from the colors of my soul. It is a therapeutic flow of colors, shapes, and movements combined in to one. A movement of images that has adapted to space giving it the significance of belonging to its surface, coming together as one and forming images of creation. Expressing realms of colors that give a healing sense and encourages you to wake up.

Through the importance of this movement, my work is just as important as the movement of the body in creating this work, along with styles, colors, and techniques. For example the diversity of the inverted can technique (upside down can technique) that gives life detailing images I paint. To the simple landscape drips that give the conceptual meaning to “color therapy”, as well as metallic effects that illuminates the imagery from with in outward and pulls you into the piece.

So forth my work has evolved to national and international levels. Simply that’s where it needs to be exposing and motivating the world creatively educating those of interest. Yet I am still learning myself for what the future will bring when it comes to my life’s work. I paint from a higher source of purpose and pure genius in this era using biomorphic forms and caricatures through a color spectrum of imagery that gives birth to a mature style. I feel my artwork definitely has an attraction. I also feel its not going to be the answer for everyone. Objectively, I would like for an individual or audience to feel when they experience the aesthetic of my work, to be apart of the piece, to become the piece, to be the piece. This ultimately gives room for your own definition of the piece itself.


The understanding of aesthetics within thyself shall bring great virtue of timeless meaning to the so-called definition of art. It dwells somewhere between your spiritual self and theory realizing the attraction to beauty shouldn’t be judgmental, but a connection of feeling, acknowledging the truth of one’s self through experience hence the fact of motivational uplifting… especially when you hear a song you like that you haven’t heard in a long time – as it makes you feel good inside. You then burst into explosive amounts of energy, The aesthetics of relation.

In turn, the transcended energy of art attracts its audience simply because of relation that ties into a visual stimulus of feeling that runs through photoreceptors (called cones in the retina) and translates throughout the mind sending a burst of serotonin that allows you to smile while electrodes of excitement or healing energy is sent to your heart as well as any other organ throughout your entire body. This moment happened just because the individual experience of a sound-sight-touch-taste-smell-thought etc. It’s all art connecting with the perception of self. Elements in time that tie into the simple healing power of color.

Thus released to your soul (spirit), which is carried into the universe and completes the cycle as one. This happens over and over. Time and time again. To the point where we need a blessed healing daily, Hence the fact of POSITIVE ADDICTION.

A subconscious trick we tend to believe is real is when the negative ego and negative pride get involved because we’re oversaturated with illusion. So when I speak about art or my understanding of art I am facing the reality of illusion through strength, patience, tolerance, abundance, peace, genuine spiritual love and gratitude which is attitude honesty willingness humbleness health wealth knowledge-trusttruth and faith. Which can be moments of understanding the feelings that can be a nanosecond of pleasure that can last a lifetime. In layman’s terms… JUST KEEP CREATING.


Conscious and the subconscious and art – if there is no imagination in which the term itself could be overrated and understated we wouldn’t have creativity in art. This statement could be dated back to hieroglyphics and cave drawings as well as other timeless artifacts, which as far as we know are records of our history’s past. Through moments of time and the relation to imagination is the creativity developing the craft, feeling those timeless moments of color, and form as it is modified through trial and error, basically learning lessons as imagination progressed.

I believe imagination is more mental than metaphysical. It can be complicated if you let it, but imagination plays an important role in one’s everyday lifestyle-society-world. It could be balanced. It could be good or bad, it’s like an untamed beast feeling and learning as it grows. Just take a look around you, it’s a developed imagination in process from the little things that matter to very ego driven big things that matter hence the fact that our everyday life is an art form and what we create is the perception of our imagination.

The aesthetic of imagination as it relates to an individual painting a pretty picture… To me, one has to believe their imagination is truth so one can bring the imagination to life, apply simple feeling and understanding of choice realizing the life of imagination is what you make it so feel free to BE.


In all sense to bring into being, to cause to exist, which is tied to imagination exploring the depths of ones self reaching levels of life and tying all aspects together to make unbelievable…believable Understanding the genuine love for the craft teaching the masses with creativity to shed light on the difference of why someone is blessed with a talent. Realizing everything created is through feeling in many senses more than just one. “God is creative” so depending on how love relates to your craft is how much love you put into your creative process and “trust me it does show.” To me creativity, creation- to create is in simple relation to passion. The passion of enlightenment through craft believing your dedication, believing your discipline, believing in your honor, but most important of all believing in your trust the trust for self and when this happens your in a world of creation, a euphoric feeling of a non stop movement that is free with as little thought process as possible I tend to call this the “zone” or creative flow. Such a focus that when your disturbed you may have negative feelings to whom or what disturbs you unless you believe in tolerance and no matter what distractions take place in or out of creative flows. The craft has been over stood so much you can re boost your creative “zone” or “flow” when and wherever you left off from.

So breathing the breath of life into your creation is a universal connection of feelings, perception, thought process, patience, just to name a few creates the movement of emotion from with in that expresses your true self to others on any outlet. So time will tell the timeless tales of creation.


Is the key to survival…. Originality is what makes the real you. Having the confidence to really search thy self and bring forth the make up with in the individual and express it in any which way you create. Influence may make or break originality. For simple reasons of manipulation of the subconscious mind, believing you’ve created (originated) something of great uniqueness, but in actuality you did not. Just changed and added a few things to your creative self. ” I do speak from experience.” Do not get me wrong influence can be good in reasoning to inspire an individual to create something in the likeness of his or her own significance.

So lessons learned over time of trial and error through an influential state of mind. Can be differentiated by applying a bit of heart. Once the foundation is set and the creative laws are abided in your mind, let it all go and trust your inner light and believe in the existence of what makes your original creation flourish with freedom. Originality is freedom, a lesson that masters had trouble with for centuries to this present date even myself.

The uniqueness of a trend is originalities friend or foe when it comes to exposure because again originality can be a wild beast if it isn’t tamed and nurtured like a fruit of nature. It could be good or bad or what it is for the moment. If it is not balanced from what makes you original.

Originality is being different, originality constantly transcends and grows if you let it and need it. Originality not saying your better than the next man, is what makes you stand out from the rest creatively. It may not even be the artwork you produce, it may be a technique you use as there are many variable possibilities.

The basis of your originality is an art form that’s what makes an individual stand out to you. Simply you can relate to his or hers uniqueness of original self. From senses of a magnetic law or laws of attraction, that’s why people are in awe of amazement when they first lay there eyes-ears-nose-mouth-hands to any creation. Drawing you to originality of feeling because you can tell when somebody is throwing good energy towards your creation rather than passing it by with little or no emotion. Basically something an artist has to get used to, realizing the provocative self is what it is and people are giant bursts of feelings that fluctuate.

Originality could be the stand point of how an individual can really find themselves, understand themselves and define themselves. Apply it to any medium they choose that feels best.

Where that little voice of originality from with in tells you that, “you should do it.” and it feels right that “you should do it”…. honestly “you should do it.”


What is meaning or the meaning of all things? Especially when art is involved. Well its as simple as this, Its the divine connection of the terminology of reason. The universal intention of reason “as one” so when related things-shapes-forms-colors come full circle from with in the guidelines of understanding. The meaning is a message from whom all blessings flow and each individual has a perspective a definition from inside that really depicts what the meaning is especially when it comes to the reality of art and its form.

You as a substance conjured up feelings that render its own explanation. Granted you can take in the artist feelings when he or she creates, and they can explain until the world ends, but at the end of the day your going to still have that same feeling (meaning). As when you first laid your little perception on it. Reason being is that once the perception is understood to a certain extent it channels to the mind (oh great mind). Deciphering the meaning, then the meaning is sent with bursts of magnetic electricity described as feelings to the heart. Giving “meaning” to the word “meaning”. Sending more power of magnetic electrical dopamine (energy) simultaneously to the medullae oblongata of the cerebellum (endorphins). As well as every organ-vein-blood cell-bone through out your entire body, and that then transcends into your soul, which is big brother to his sister spirit. With in equivalence are of the same blood line. Feeding the ultimatum of decision through thoughts and feelings-feelings and thoughts, in what ever order. You choose for a “meaning” with approval from the great “mother/father/what is”. The universe who always says “yes” in agreement because what is right is what is right in tune will steer you no wrong, which brings us back to the full circle of attraction “as one”.

The significant aesthetics of meaning is feeling. As the same significant feeling for “there’s a reason for everything.” Sometimes words can not and are not supposed to explain…. just loved through actions.

Meaning is relative to the fact of why. When the masses of constructive critics, comes into play simply because of self gratification. Needing the thirst for understanding learning to embrace trust and really feel where the artist is coming from, thus colliding both worlds of feeling in comparison reasoning with compatibility and at the same time showing some respect for the artist and extremely you can take the “meaning” of anything and blow it out of context, or keep it aligned intellectually articulating the “meaning” of art-artist-or everything. Just as well as you can simplify a meaning by letting art forms speak a thousand words and beyond understanding the theory of “what does it mean?”


STILUS is your original self in simple relation to originality. A creative manifestation of everything is everything as a style. Believing a style spawns from creative innovativeness, and changes periodically or when you need it to change. Style is a choice and it’s another way of standing out and being differentiated from the masses of uniqueness in your own little way. Though we all relate and are connected “as one” through the universe’s sake. There has to be something that makes the individual original and that is style. Its the grace full movement of sunlight glistening in reflection on top of the ripples ocean bosom surface.

Depending on the relationship you have with your style is a golden rule of existence. A strong trait to style the patience of style, time is styles lover and when they have sexual relations in expressing energy on any surface. Style takes in consideration of times feelings and just does not rush the creation with practical impatience, but simply makes love to the creation pollinating the style manifesting yourself as a creator.

Thus the aesthetics of style is to be different with dashes of originality, but the fallacy of style is not to have any with none or no dedication of the natural flow what so ever. Leaving no room for creative thought nor feeling in what ever order deems fit for the individual. Style is as organic as you make it through trial and error (learning lessons) constantly reinventing your self. As you grow your style grows right along with you, like a natural liberation you have with yourself as well. Spreading the fact of style through the universe as a healer a teacher of some sort. The teachings of who you really are.


Self expression is a reflection of your self through craft as an artisan. A simple mirror effect relating to you and your audience, That really expresses in full effect of how you as an artist, is feeling in moments in time. This is just the way we record moments and reach the masses ( if you as an artist chooses to).

Some artists go to great measures to express, some take the humble yet meek approach. Either way the point still comes across. The fact of self expression is the point. The meaning of some sort depends on how serious you take yourself and your talent (or not). It also can be in comparison to these balls of energy that make up the matter of what matters, can dictate the flow of “meaning.”

“Everything is Everything” so you as an artist can take it for what it is, not limiting the facts and truths about your creations and let the work speak for it self. In the art world there always has to be a meaning a story with the series, there is nothing wrong with this if so and if possible create and describe words and apply them to your feelings of self expression.

Key word “self” and the understanding of “self” is when I realize I am “you.” Look deeper than your self and be free. Constantly monitor your thoughts from mental pollution if not then express it positively, any which way you see fit and it wont be hazardous to your health. My point of self expression is what you are reading at this very moment and letting the audience feel there own way through my work. If they need an explanation and compare feelings so be it.

How do you show self expression?


The spectator has the right to feel any certain way they shall about the artist work or anything in life. Reason being is that your audience is in simple relation to you, yourself. You as an artist is, and has a major part as a spectator. What makes you, as an “artist” any different from the next man. Granted your medium is different but everyone has a talent that you observe, and have feelings-opinions and constructive criticisms about.

Personalizing your audience is something with in the artist. Every ones sensitive when it comes to there work, “I know I am.” Learning to take things with a grain of salt is how I cope. So no matter what your audience thinks-feels-does. Realize the love for thy self is strong and you know automatically that “you know.” The level of your ability is timeless and never let any one tell you other wise.

So when it comes to dictating flows you are your own audience at this stand point. Letting your audience into your world has to deal with trust and not just any old trust, but trust for thy self so you can trust others and connect with there feelings and energy. Even if they do not trust them selves in order to look, see, open, look, see. Majority rules your audience is validation, be humble and great full and validate your audience.


The pleasure of taste a very melodic expression of understanding. What your likes and dislikes are as well as how your audience or any group or individual views-or feels your art work. Like the stimulus of senses that surrounds the human body. This sensual taste comes from with in your inner chi. The taste conjures up feelings of anything is everything and everything is anything.

Its not only a physical with your tongue unless that’s your preference, but an expression of inner beauty shinning and letting the world know what you love, like, understand, is right for you. Every one has tastes no one is dismissed from taste we need taste. The artistry of taste is what builds up the originality of ones self. Giving a foundation to the meaning of ones self and how it leads from the perception of the mind to really feel and flow from the perception of the heart.

Taste is building a relationship not only with your self but with the world. Opening ones self heart-mind-body-soul. To a cultural revolution of craft, and reality introducing illusion to your being or life style, taste as you may see-feel-taste-hear-or smell it comes naturally. In sudden reality your taste is something you should flow with. There may be indifferences when tastes clash with other tastes. Still its your taste, I believe this adds flavor to us humans likes and dislikes.




“We must also bear in the mind that art appreciation is more than enjoyment of aesthetics.”

History of art fifth edition revised

The visual elements of artistry can be taken to the most extreme measures of understanding. From technical complexities down to the simplest form of a dot, appeasing the culture of craft healing with its divine connection. Gaining “something’ from what ever it is you are perceiving or feeling. The visual connection is what gives the laws of attraction its power in one sense turning “nothing” into “something.” Which in turn is tied to technical skill.

Reason being is that there is technicalities in everything we as humans do. Granted practice makes perfect… but nobodies perfect. We need new forms of terminology with reasonable meanings that educate the masses to equivalence hence the fact of an excuse. This term is technical skills. No matter how you use it as far as discipline and loving the craft, is developed over time giving you the ability of trial and error. To find your self in your visual element breathing life into the line, nurturing the composition, feeling the color, touching the form, listening to the light, and understanding the space.( Its like a human) and after a certain comfort sets in with self the belief in these elements is so natural. That to you it comes natural and the order of these elements is irrelevant but sensitive.

So time is wise and an advocate to the visual elements. Stimulating its audience with every moment, addition, thought and most important feeling. Visual elements = life = god = everything around us.


Line is the beginning, there are lines in everything, the line surrounds us. There are the many descriptions of line work. Hard lines, soft lines, invisible lines, crooked lines, forming lines, shading lines, detail lines, colored lines, and so on. These are the lining of our soul. These lines form endless possibilities that create inner existence as well as outer. Which in tune is in alignment “as one.” The line is one it collects and forms as a shape, as the shape takes form. Just take a look at the most complex yet simplest form. The skin lines hence the fact of the textured lines as well as the dotted lines. That makes and shapes these forms and images from largest to smallest in any order that you make or perceive it. Down to the invisible lines that make up your finger nails.

There is a line in everything there is even a line of communication all the way down to your blood line. The line is a beautiful entity that surrounds us so what ever you do with your line I believe its going to be your line. I just stress the fact of originality of creation, and stepping out of the line. Manipulating or breaking boundaries of the line, realizing the understanding of the line is inevitable but you can still breathe the breath of genuine spiritual love into your life line.


“let there be light” – the most high

The factors of light are many of the sort but the light that should stand out to many is the light with in. The great understanding of thy light is all hope for your well being or being well. This then reflects inside your work at anything you do in life. Mainly your blessed talent is precisely, what you put the energy of light to. Light surrounds us even in the dark. Just like the composition (which we will later get into) has light. As well as darkness to light and vice versa you actually work this gradient. When it comes to different shading techniques as well as color blending all in simple relation.

Lighting is the icing on top of the flavor. Lighting gives everything is everything its dimensional form. What ever dimension, you want to further extend your talent to. Your going to need lighting. Light is the balance of weight hence the fact of being, the opposites attraction to heavy, Furthermore bringing what ever you create to life giving that richness to the medium, texture, surface, etc. The illusion of light is possible as well it is a gift to the artistic self and the artistic world of achieving this illusion and manipulating your work. All…. In good manner bringing fourth the effects visually through the understanding of lighting. We are born physically into light (from dark to light) from the womb of a darker shade of light to the light of life.

The greatest thing that interests me about light is that its alive. Alive like kinetic energy it constantly transcends through out the day nor night with every movement of anything then is captured by the artist, and then released into his or her own interpretation. So light and lighting is a strong force from the “speed of light” to as “light as a feather.” It all has relevance to the formulation of an artistic creation because it brings everything together as a whole “as one” it surrounds us …light is the all surrounding.


Preparation of proportional order, a certain sequence of doing things right. Is in all alignment of genetics with in thy self. Staying with in the box, and its very seldom a human steps out of the box or over the line and creates a master piece. That opens the hearts and minds eyes of others. The trend is set steps are followed leading the line of inspirational composition. As far as aesthetics in composition of art goes there are guide lines to compositions hence the fact of art schools. No matter what your learning from trial and error is your best teacher. Gradient of colors and non colors, proportions and dimensions, perspectives of all visual elements, etc… You learn to grow with this over time until they are adapted to, learned, and over stood. Then brought into existence and do not get me wrong following guidelines could be a good tool. Being eccentric always has a more pleasing feeling by stepping out of bounds letting the creative juices flow by all means necessary, releasing your organized self and understanding your inner confusion.

Composition arts for lack of a better term, has its morals and means of understanding. Living life in composition has its advantages as well as its disadvantages. Advantages… freedom for example its like in the midst of creation you slip up, mess up, make a mistake, etc… Realize there are no such things as mistakes just lessons and you learn from them. Reason being is that’s just it there’s a reason for everything even in creative freedom. Basically your mishap is a good thing learn to work it and adjust keep your inner focus and shine. Realizing the imperfection of perfection is apart of you and what ever level of artistic professionalism you acquire yourself to achieve. Choose wisely from the heart.

Disadvantages… confinement in your inner prison waiting to break out and be you. Basically to grow as you go and go as you grow. It takes time to break the chains of your self but it is an accomplishment if you do. Confinements with in structure commence anger from with in even if you hide it well. It boils and bunches up if its your preference it shows in your work. Let alone some people are comfortable or complacent in there confinements “I know I am” at times in composition. Reasonably I request a balance of both sides of composition It keeps me sane.


Life forms as life forms it self into existence. The formula of understanding shape is what takes place in creative form. Is it the form of an image with in is it a hands on form which expresses the sense of touch. Is it a natural form that’s taken for what it is, really to transgress boundaries of the negative self as your forming in the creative process . At the same time being a shape shifter reshaping your inner image. Then reflects back to your work in a formulation process. It shows… Negative in negative out Positive in positive out, so with in creation your shaping the positive form with in its your preference what you choose or feel is best at that very moment.

Textures are forms of movement that are captivating images within an image. That can relate to hard, soft, crooked, straight, etc… Forms that either build up over time or form themselves in moments it all depends on the formulation of application. Form is a major process of visual arts. Reason being is that the energy from with in is in the form or formulation of you or I. It is expressed from the heart constantly transcending the elements in life realizing that it seems the same daily. There something that feels different everyday its a patient slow process hence the fact of feeling. Sending this kinetic energy in motion from the heart, mind, body, and soul. Through the hands and finger tips healing the creation. As it takes its form until it really hits you in awe and amazement saying to your self “did i really create this amazing piece.” Understanding we are with in his and her form we will die in form in the form of creation.


The universal everlasting of timeless space in all dimensions is all around us from its vast perspective to nothing. The complex of what’s understanding all of not understanding its beginning form, to an endless journey of everything is everything so take it for what it is and make it the all surrounding. Space is “to be or not to be that is the question.” Shakespeare approached divine space with words. Space is your mother, father, sister , brother, everybody. The dimensional understanding of perspective in the sense of creation hence the fact “a good use of space.” The real space is with in the inner space you develop over time. So when it comes to creation of some sort its alive and it needs to breathe.

Space is constant elevation through conscious and subconscious energy. In all simple relations to the heart and visual perspectives your usage of space is a vulnerable variable of a decisive feeling as surface. In dimensions is what matters turning a two dimensional surface into a three dimensional surface for starts and then so on. This is the understanding of positive and negative space with in. So your work can breathe and live in its timeless manner. Space is timeless and its so much bigger than you and I because its already there for you to trust. Space wants you to be you and take a step beyond yourself and explore the dimensions of background, middle ground, and foreground.

Space is not the final frontier consider this, space is a sense. The distance, area, volume, of the dimensional surface and what is around you. Space is feeling in turn carries the term sense in simple relation to sensitive. The continuum of space between human senses is running full circle and connecting when you create towards all meanings of life. Space is a gift its beautiful its precious use it wisely from the heart, mind, body, soul.


Color is alive and well inside and outside around and all over. Colors are what make a piece, a body of work, the all surrounding of what it is. Color helps us live outside the box on a creative standpoint. Unless your color blind in a sense of ignoring the illusion around us and believing the color of negative influences within, you have to go through these negative aspect to reach the richness, bright, movement, form, light, composition, line, space, etc….of positive color. Its inevitable you have to bring balance. Some don’t reach the color balance or they reach it when they die or transition hence the fact the life of color or colorless life.

You can understand theories, movements, wheels of color in which they should all be respected. The best theory if there are or is what’s best the greatest achievement on color theory is by any creator that uses any and every color known to man and creates beauty. As a manifesto of theory was written by Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe ” A, specific colors are attributed to specific divine manifestations.” basically believing in your colors. Newton’s law of the color spectrum was limited but respected and perspectively where it needs to be. Giving birth and shedding light on the quantum spectrum in tune the fact of light giving life to color and theorists all over the globe.

My perspective of color is the all healing its an internal divine mood setting applied to my creation of form and texture. There are all colors that have effects on peoples every day lives. To the colors on our walls in thy house or work space, to the clothes we wear. Or the all so controlling of the stop light or a stop sign, to the so called controversial beautiful skin on our very own backs. It all has an effect even the color of the sun if you stare at it long enough. The color of words and music in a descriptive form conjuring its colorful potion of understanding, this is in al simple relation to the use of color and how the feeling ” if you believe in it”, and the fact of how the healing power of color is special like all of us. In special ways is universal I believe if we understood the root of all. Which is the color of colors that make up the all living from smallest to biggest, non living and living. To the everlasting infinite of the most high this world would be almost there where ever there is . Really who am I?

I can go into every single color in depth and to detail about the effects of every color, I am leaving room for feeling basically letting the spectator learn from there own experience of color and take it for what it is and either teach the next man color theory or let it be as one but I leave a not with this …..